Work is Worship

Work is Worship

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It’s great to pray. Prayer will uplift our spirit, inspire and alleviate us and guarantees that we have a nearer, more personal connection with God or the supply of our being.

Essentially, prayer is communicating with man and God.

As Rosicrucians say, God exists, the man also exists, and there exists an absolute relationship between God and man. Man here means a person normally.

Nevertheless, I love to find folks pray. For me, rather of praying, I would rather meditate. I think they’re one and the same matter.

I’m attempting to link prayer with function here.

I don’t believe this can be correct.

This can be the truth.

God speak to us in different manners. Thus, when we invest few minutes or hours praying, we must also spend more hours doing our job.

Even the Bible states prayer without work is dead. When we do our job, we’re rendering service to humanity using our information, ability, and expertise.

Prayer is 1%, and arduous work is 99%. Prayer with function is a great blend. Religious belief will not have a location here.

Take it or depart it, you happen to be helping make our world a much better location.

No person is completely free from greed. Everybody is constantly asking this issue deep down, what’s in this company, connection, offer, education, career, and so forth, for me?

And when we use the advice from our internal self it’s progress all the way.

When we pray hard and additionally do our job difficult, terrorism, militancy, strain, try, guy’s inhumanity to man will lessen.

That is accurate.

Less time for prayer, more time for function and with a positive psychological mindset, the world will finally become a much better location for everyone of us.